COVID-19 Update

As many of you may be aware, The Clinic Osteopathy & Dry Needling closed it's doors temporarily on the 24th of March, 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the introduction of social distancing measures. This was a decision made collectively by the team at The Clinic Osteopathy & Dry Needling to protect the health and safety of our patients and families. We greatly appreciate all of the support and well wishes we received from you all. Now, it is time to look towards the future where we can be in a position to open our doors once again and provide a service that is "COVID-19 Safe". We anticipate that we should be back up and running by Wednesday 13th of May, 2020

what we are doing to maintain Saftey

The Clinic Osteopathy has always maintained a high level of hygiene and infection control, however, due to the nature of the current situation, it will require all of us to put in place measures that will go above and beyond the already high standards we have set ourselves to keep everybody safe. 

New Operating Hours

When the clinic re-opens on Wednesday 13th of May, 2020, the new operating hours will be as follows:

Wednesday 8am-6pm

Thursday 8am-6pm

Friday 8am-6pm

Online Bookings will now be available for after 13th of May, 2020. We will also be operating every hour on the hour, however, ALL appointments will run for 40mins. This gives us time to thoroughly clean, take payments and re-book patients, as well as return any phone calls as we will no longer have reception staff. Also, Dr. Marty McCullock will be seeing patients every hour on the hour. Dr. Anthony Bakty will be seeing patients every hour on the half hour. Finally, we will no longer be offering extended 1hr consults. This will ensure that there is minimal overlap, keeping the number of individuals down to a maximum of 2 at any given time in the waiting area. Also, please make sure that if you are attending an appointment, it is only YOU attending the appointment. Please refrain from bringing family, friends or children to appointments as we will have to politely ask anyone accompanying you to wait outside of the clinic.

Hygiene & Infection Control

The Clinic Osteopathy & Dry needling will be following STRICT hygiene and infection control. We will have hand sanitiser and disposable face masks that you will be required to use and each persons temperature will be taken on arrival. Each room will be thoroughly cleaned in between appointments. All regularly used surfaces throughout the clinic will also be thoroughly cleaned. No face towels will be used and all linen will be replaced in between each appointment. If you are feeling unwell, have been unwell or in close contact with anyone else who is unwell, please do not attend your appointment as we will unfortunately have to refuse treatment. 

What Next?

The team at The Clinic Osteopathy & Dry Needling will be constantly reviewing the guidelines and advice from the Australian Government over the ensuing months and scale our operating hours and procedures accordingly. This will most likely start by slowly and tentatively increasing our hours and relaxing/tightening restrictions in accordance with the Australian Governments advice and guidelines. We are all in this together and so far, we have all done a bloody fantastic job at getting this situation under control and with your help, we can start moving towards a time when our lives can resume some sort of normality. Once again, thank you to everyone who has offered us support and love, it is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you all at The Clinic Osteopathy & Dry Needling. 


The Team @ The Clinic Osteopathy & Dry Needling.